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Dubai: Why property market is attractive now

Sunday, 31 October 2021

There are some reasons to buy a home in Dubai

Dubai property market is one of the most attractive markets in the world, which is facilitated by a combination of market factors and initiatives of the Government. However, it's necessary to remember a thoughtful and reasonable approach when considering each investment.


Developed regulation and transparency of the legal environment in Dubai

✅The registration of the transaction, payment and property transfer in the system of the Dubai Land Department take place simultaneously. This takes from a few minutes to several hours.

✅ In Dubai, the confidentiality of information about the owners and their property is ensured.

✅Dubai law protects investors' rights, as well as specialized government bodies Dubai Land Department and RERA, as well as a specialized Rental Dispute Center.

✅ Purchase and sale of property can be carried out remotely.


Attractive tax and permitting system in Dubai

✅ After purchase, there are no taxes on ownership of property, as well as on income received from rent.

✅ No special permits are required for long-term rentals.

✅ The short-term rental market is well developed and clearly regulated.


Government support measures

✅ Flexible regulation for international real estate investors, the possibility of obtaining various investor resident visas. Having property above the amount of 750,000 dirhams, it is possible to apply for an investor resident visa. When investing large amounts, it is possible to obtain longer-term resident investor visas.


High attractiveness of Dubai

✅ Thoughtful and firm policy of the Government to turn Dubai and the UAE into one of the best places to live.

✅ According to the main indices, the UAE has become one of the safest countries in the world. Regulation, proper execution and strong discipline ensure high standards while ensuring safety for residents and tourists.

✅ A well-thought-out policy to combat COVID, as a result of which Dubai has become one of the safest places in the world during the epidemic and an attractive tourist destination.

✅ Dubai's tourism industry has evolved into a year-round destination for comfortable travel from around the world.

✅ Dubai has become the largest passenger hub and Emirates is the world's best carrier, connecting major European and Asian markets; The UAE has become the largest business and logistics hub in the MENA region, which is also home to the regional headquarters of the largest companies.

✅ The UAE's financial system is the best in the MENA region, which attracts the world's largest financial institutions to the Emirates.

✅ Still low market value of housing compared to major global markets, attractive value means a higher return on investment for investors.

✅ Superior infrastructure in the UAE and Dubai improves the quality of life and makes it easier and more comfortable.

✅ Civilized and modern labor relations system that stimulates migration processes in Dubai.


Efforts of developers to attract investors

✅Flexible system of payment plans for investors, including payment by installments after commissioning.

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